Pineapple Wellness was launched in 2020 as a partnership between a leading UK medical helpline and online pharmacy with the aim of providing consumers with direct access to doctors and pharmaceuticals without wait times and delays.

The mission is medical empowerment through communication and technology. With access to over 70 dedicated health professionals we're able to provide access to a doctor from anywhere by phone or email.

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Launched in 2020

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Over 70 dedicated health professionals

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Thousands of happy members

We believe passionately in the NHS. There are however numerous situations where with a little help, people could solve minor medical issues themselves. We hope to empower people by giving them a better understanding of their problems through the use of non-medical language. A clearer understanding allows better decision making, which produces a better outcome for everybody.

Why choose Pineapple Wellness?

The avergae wait time to see a GP in 2019 was 2 weeks

In 2019, a survey of 900 GP's suggested that average wait times for non-urgent appointments was over 2 weeks. To add to the pressure, the explosion of social media and a global pandemic has tested the nation in new and uncertain ways. Our objective is to empower individuals and provide them with direct access to GP's, reducing these wait times, to help keep them happy and healthy.

Our GP's and consultants can be contacted 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Providing individuals with quicker access to information and clearer information through non-medical language.

Since 2015

the number of patients that a GP is responsible for has increased by 17%

There were 1,990 fewer

registered GPs in England in 2022 than there were in 2015

The NHS lost 662 GPs

during 2021-2022 (including locums, partners and retainers GPs)

When we launched Pineapple Wellness, our 3 main objectives were to:
 Empower individuals with clearer communication and improved decision making Improve wellbeing by enabling our members to have control over their decisions and faster response times Reduce the need to see doctor for non urgent issues and in turn, reducing the need to see a doctor face to face which is a benefit for all. This allows both doctors and individuals to spend more time with other matters.

Over 70 health pros

The team is made up of 32 GP's, 16 Gynaecologists, 20 Consultants and 2 Allied health professionals

Contact the team 24/7

Members an connect to a doctor or other health professional 7 days a week, 365 days a year

No waiting lists

Regardless of whether the appointment is urgent or not, there are no lengthy appointment waiting lists

Prescription delivery

If a doctor prescribes medication, it will be delivered directly to the members home (England only)

Access to medical records

Easily accessible medical records that are highly secure and available to members at any time through the online portal

Diagnostic tests

When needed, there are a range of convenient home diagnostic test kits made available for members

How does it work?